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Album Formula Pricing

Hi, Welcome your going to part of designtime family, we promise to provide quality product and best service in the industry.

Single User

3000 / Life time

  • This Single User Version will run only in One (1) Computer & there is no Discount on it.

Triple Users

9000.006000 / Life time

  • This Triple User Version will run in Three (3) Computers, so buy this to get ₹ 3000 Discount on it. And Let Your Heart Happy and Satisfied.


Life has a purpose, we are alive for reasons. So, Use the answers from FAQ and clear your doubts from a mind that leads you to halt.

  • Which Photoshop Version is required for using this software?

    It requires minimum Adobe Photoshop CS3 and above all versions from it..

  • Yes, if for any reason you change the MotherBoard, HardDisk you will get the new activation key by paying only 500 INR. Make sure the Processor should not be changed.
    In case your Processor is being changed then also you can transfer this software from Old Computer to the New One by paying only 1000 INR.

    You will Never need to pay Again the FULL AMOUNT of Software.

    Else you are going to Purchase New One.

  • Yes, there is no problem in formatting the computer, but any of its hardware’s should not be changed. 
    If you face hardware change issue like 
    MotherBoard, HardDisk you will get the new activation key by paying only 500 INR.
    Also you can transfer Album Formula Software from One Computer to Another by paying only 1000 INR. 
    Note :-: keep Software Setup and its Activation Key Safe. The same activation key and software setup will work even after re-formatting the computer.

  • YES, you can use this software in two computers or three computers. If you have two computers, you will have to buy Double User Software. If you have three computers, you will have to buy Triple User software. If you have more than three computers you should go for Dongle version Album Formula.

  • This Software comes with 4 different types of versions. Single user, Double user, Triple user, these are without dongle. These three versions come with its activation key and you can use this software only in one computer.

    And the 4th version is Dongle version, to use in multiple computers by Plug and Play.

    Single user - it will work only in one computer.
    Double user - it will work only in two computers.
    Triple user – it will work only in three computers.


  • After successful registration and profile activation, free download links will be received in User dashboard. We keep on adding new download links time to time for the users to get new elements. There are several of elements available which can be downloaded free with ALBUM FORMULA SOFTWARE. For example: 2000+ Auto PSD Templates, 1000+ premium mask , 2500+ ClipArts , 4000+ premium overlays , premium Photoshop actions , 400+ wallpapers, 400+ sky images, 500+ PSD frames, 500+ premium color effects and other elements similar to Photoshop.

  • Album Formula Software setup size is 150 MB Only. And other data size is around 50GB +, but the downloadable WinRar file size is around 20-25GB which is separately divided in 1-1 GB or 2-2 GB so anyone can download very easily.

  • It requires minimum i3 Processor with minimum 4 GB RAM and Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, with 32 bit and 64 bit operating system. This software also works in computers with dual core processors and 2 GB RAM too but its speed will be slow, so we recommend to use a computer with at least 4 GB RAM or 8 GB RAM and at least i3 processor. Nowadays smart phones comes with 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB RAM, So atleast our computer should be faster than those smart phones.

  • No, Internet connection is not required. Only for downloading and activating the software internet connection is required. After activation you can work offline without using internet. But if you face any problem, then we will need TeamViewer or AnyDesk to connect with you, for which an internet connection is required.

  • Yes, of course… we are available 24x7, you can call us at 2 o'clock in the night and ask for Help!!!

    Videos are available in the website and also in our YouTube channel regarding how to use the software. You can check the link given below: Click Here

    (you can take help from AF Playlist also )

    If after watching the videos, your problem is not solved, then we will connect you with AnyDesk or Team Viewer software. You may have to wait for a while, after making the call. We assure you, your problem will definitely be solved.

  • To buy this software you need to click on Buy Now button given on home page and pay the Amount. 
    After the successful payment your profile will be approved by the admin. After verification, you will get the download link.
    For any help, please call +91 8982466505 or +91 8269771990 or +91 9407229486 or +91 7999601307

  • Yes, of course it will work in a pirated Photoshop. But we never recommend to use any pirated version software because it will be a serious law-breaking for everyone,

  • No one becomes a designer just by purchasing this software. He has to learn. Once you practice Album Formula software, the sheet is easily made in few seconds. How quickly you can design a sheet depends on a number of factors. Like how fast your computer works, number of images you are putting in a page, your Photoshop Knowledge, Size of image & Album you are working with, level of correction you do in your images and so on. Now you must have understood that how quickly album design can be done with this software, the question itself is wrong. But rest assured that with this software you will be able to design album faster than any other software.

  • No, only the minor updates are free. But if there is any major update then nominal charges will be charged. We promise to provide minimum 2 updates in a year.

  • We are not selling any cracked or pirated software.
    Due to very low price of our software, many people can think of that. 
    We made this software by ourselves.
    DesignTime is a Private Limited Company, registered in the Government of India. You can search our company details in this link

    BY using our Company Registration Number (CIN) U72900DL2021PTC386905
    And if you wish, you can connect with the owners of the company and creators of this software through social media as well.

    1st - Owner ASLAM ANSARI  2nd - Owner TAJ HUSSAIN

  • Yes, we provide courier facility all over the World. But you have to pay extra charges for this facility. But the online method is the fastest way to get the software. (We Recommend)


We are here to help you. Have questions in your mind related to the software, Lets talk about how we can help you, Achieve your goals and take your Business / Work to the peak.


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